We were just kids when we started playing music. Mom was our motivator and teacher during late night rehearsals after homework was done. Both she and dad always had somewhere lined up for us to gig. Their main objective was to raise children who were well rounded, sociable, and not afraid of something that took work. We were all sure, however, that we were going to be big stars someday.
Fast forward to 2011, we met Nashville producer, Jason Deere, and he became a good friend and mentor who helped us to record our first real album... well an EP but we didn’t know the difference or care. We were in musical heaven having the pros help make our songs sound like the real deal. We finished the EP in the spring and had exactly one year of gigging, selling cd’s, and meeting new friends in the music industry before Tel would leave on his mission to Korea.
Tel’s mission was a turning point for all of us. We were at the age of endless decisions that would change our lives forever. We had to decide what we wanted for ourselves and for our future families. We saw the dedication of our friends in the industry and the sacrifice their spouses and kids were making. We would never stop making music but we knew that whatever happened, family had to be first.
In the four years since that turning point, each of us (except for 17/yo Taylynn) have been married and have attended collage. Mady served a mission if Africa, and Tiann worked extra hard to bring a nephew into the family. We aren't really sure wether music brings us together as a family or if being a family brings us together as musicians, but we do know that we would be lost without either one.